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ClickAlps School

Photo travels and workshops to learn photography on the field with the ClickAlps photographers

Our Italian spoken photo tours and workshops can be found on

Who we are

ClickAlps School is our brand that gathers all our educational activities involved in learning photography on the field.
We schedule Italian and English spoken activities both in Italy and worldwide.

What we do

Our activities are focused on maximizing the experience of the in-the-field photography wheather packed on a 2 days workshop or in a 10 days photo tour. They are aimed both at the beginner - willing to improve the mastery of his gear -, as well as the enthusiast needing to improve his technical skills on the field - or simply to be brought in the right place at the right time.

Our vision

To create the images that we sell through our ClickAlps Premium Travel Agency for years, our photographers spend countless hours in the field waiting for the good light and searching for the best composition, even with the worst weather conditions. In our School's activities we want everyone to come to live the experience of photography on the field in the same way our photographers do.


The PhotoDay is a one-day photo-excursion mostly run from the sunrise to the sunset. They are generally focused on a specific subject or event, and they do not involve an exhaustive teaching session.


The Workshop is a 2 or 3 days educational activity, mostly involving small trips around a main location. During the Workshop there is enough time for a smattering of the theoretical and pratical technical aspects of photography in location.

Photo Travel

The Photo Tour is a travel that generally takes place in 7-10 days. It's the perfect occasion for gathering the experience of adventure and photography, alternating epic landscapes to more intimate moments of deepening of the technical aspects of landscape/travel photography.

Our Italian spoken photo tours and workshops can be found on